When technology creates value for the F&B industry.

One of the biggest barriers to adopting technology is whether a business has a need for innovation or not. Perhaps this is why the food and beverage industry, a predominantly offline sector heavily reliant on close relationships and profit margins, seems to have overlooked the importance of technology until the pandemic hit. Ilustration. The past […]

Small businesses gradually adapt to the cyclical economy

From the trend pursued by multinational corporations, the circular economy gradually has the opportunity to succeed in domestic small businesses. The circular economy has many definitions, but fundamentally it is a model that enhances the reuse, recycling, and recovery of materials in the production, distribution, and consumption process. It is different from the traditional linear […]

How to ‘rescue’ capital for businesses?

Injecting money is the best way to save liquidity for businesses, but according to experts, the fundamental solution must be to strengthen confidence in the market. The three main channels for raising capital of enterprises are bonds, stocks and credit30g. “But this year, these three legs seem to be tied up,” commented Mr. Nguyen The […]