Message from the president

Message from the president

Dear Shareholders and Investors, strategic partners,

On behalf of Phuong Nam Vision Investment Joint Stock Company – SVI, I would like to send you my gratitude, good health and prosperity.

As a professional investment company, in the context of the current volatile economy, SVI understands that only breakthrough thinking, seeing the market and projects fully can survive. and develop, adapt and meet the increasingly strict requirements of the market as well as investors and partners.

With the forerunner of Tan Lien Phat Construction Investment Joint Stock Company and Dong Hai Investment and Development Joint Stock Company, we always focus on finding and exploiting project sources, expanding investment cooperation not only in Vietnam. South, but also reaching out to the world, thereby creating more cooperation opportunities with investors and partners. In addition, the standardization of operating processes, investment and development of high-quality human resources are always focused on by SVI to create a professional and consistent working system.

With the operating motto “Your Prosperity is our top priority”, when accompanying SVI, your values are always prioritized, guaranteed and enhanced with enthusiasm and energy. Our strength as well as cooperation relationship based on PRESTIGE is the foundation.

Integrating into the global playground always requires the best efforts of the Board of Directors, Executive Board and all SVI employees as well as your companionship and support is indispensable.

Wishing our shareholders, investors and strategic partners good health and success!

Best regards,