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Classic style villas combine modern

Along with the development of science and technology, housing architecture in Vietnam and absorb the essence of the world and finishing it. Among them, the elegance and sophistication of classic French architecture has always been applied to the vast villa project by the powerful, magnificent classical architecture contributes to assert “authority” of the owner. Today, the company Design Construction Tin Germany would like to introduce to you a villa project brings vintage by our company to undertake the design.

The villa is located in a larger area of 400m2, construction area of about 160m2 villas (16x10m) consists of a ground floor and a room upstairs with 8 functions separate division. With large garden area should in all rooms have windows system, large balcony to bring light and air ventilation for the house. Stairs is used to match the overall carrying vintage.

Neoclassical style design section focuses on the facade with columns and wall details. Closed hotel lobby in front wowed by the architecture disproportionate who perfectly with “standing” of the blocks strong. This immediately makes the villa becomes superficial and represents the power of the landlord. The vertical pillar bears a healthy, robust and distributed in harmony, Horizontal spread makes more elegant works on a height. A more detailed pop-up bowl classic beauty of such works is the use of bluestone brick wall slope sync with creating exquisite beauty, unity for cottages.

Besides, not to mention these details contribute to soft, smooth, clean feeling rigid, heavy, cold classic architecture. Slope is the discipline of architecture is ideal for villa neoclassical style. Not only high-rise villas which slope is a trend favored by both traditional beauty mixed with a modern touch always won the hearts of homeowners. Angular but very gentle, graceful are the attractive features of beautiful architecture slope villa. The green parts are arranged logically in the flower beds and balconies to help air more bright and vivid. Decorative ponds next to the house in addition freshness to the whole space.

French neoclassical architecture carry the edgy flair and rigorous in terms of style but still not losing flexibility flexibility in the layout space. It brings a fresh perspective but still classic for viewers to make sense of romantic charm reminiscent school scale works of hundreds of years in Vietnam.